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A meeting place for any itinerant wanderers in search of a strong pour, a crackling fire, and the
company of kindred souls. It will also serve as the online home for of Dawn of the Unbound Gods, our all-new fantasy saga premiering with Quest’s End

Feel free to set the scene with the pleasant sounds of an evening spent imbibing with friends — or at least it was pleasant, until the orcs showed up.

Thank you for visiting the Quest’s End Tavern!

Dawn Of The Unbound Gods Flip book

Each Quest’s End release comes with a new printed chapter of our original fantasy saga written by Kate Welch with artwork by Tyler Jacobson. Catch up on any tales you missed with our exclusive digital flip books.

Dawn Of The Unbound Gods Audio Books


Too busy slaying dragons to put down your sword and read? Enjoy the dulcimer tone of Abe Benrubi narrating our story along with author Kate Welch.


Coming Soon


Imbue your next campaign with something special. Roll the die and raise the volume to create a custom soundscape that pairs perfectly with good friends and Quest’s End Whiskey.

Set the scene

(Roll the die and raise the volume for sound.)

Sounds & music created by Syrinscape Logo

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Please note that swag and alcohol are sold as separate items, and you will need to complete separate checkouts for each of them.