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Want to leave the High Rollers Guild? We’re sorry to see you go, but we understand that sometimes adventurers need to go their own way.

Because the HRG contains a number of perks and bulk elements, the refund policy will be graduated depending when you cancel. We will do our best to refund you for unused portions of your HRG membership but some costs that we regrettably cannot recoup will be subtracted from the refund.

For individual bottles, our returns policies work in conjunction with our distributor, Seelbach's. You can read our general shipping, returns and refunds policy here.

If you cancel your High Rollers Guild membership before anything has shipped, we will provide a full refund minus a non-refundable $20 transaction fee from our credit card processor fee.

Once your first bottle has shipped, we cannot refund shipping costs, since we pay those in bulk for HRG members and we will be charged regardless.

If you cancel in the middle of the releases, you will be refunded $150 for each bottle that has not shipped, minus the $20 Paypal fee. Additionally, if the Lithograph has already shipped, we will subtract $50 for the value of this unique signed item that is not returnable. We will not charge for participation in the exclusive tasting even if you’ve already attended as thanks for your early support in our endeavor.

If you have any cancellation questions not covered here or in the general policy, you can contact us at

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Please note that swag and alcohol are sold as separate items, and you will need to complete separate checkouts for each of them.